Automatic Voltage Controller

Power Electrical & Controls (PEC) is known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of rolling contact type Automatic Voltage Controller, Servo Voltage Stabilizers. Indian Power Servo Voltage Stabilizer primarily consists of the following :

Linear, Vertical Rolling Contact Voltage Regulator, Double Wound Buck / Boost Type Series Transformers, Electronic Control Circuit Module Type and Monitoring Panel.pic44

We are using heavy section of electrolytic grade rectangular copper strip instead of copper wire in our regulator to minimize the losses & increase the efficiency of equipment. We are using self lubricating Carbon Roller Assemblies instead of flat Carbon Brushes which offers more reliability and trouble free performance of the equipment. We are using CRGO lamination to minimize losses and for getting better efficiency of the equipment.

» This higher current affects the electrical motors (particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5 H.P.) in three ways

  1. Higher current produces higher losses in electrical motors which cause premature failure of winding.
  2. These higher losses of electric motors also increase the losses of cables, switches, transformers and other associated equipment.
  3. For smooth continuous operation of motors, over load relays are usually set at 20% higher setting.

With the installation of the stabilizer and maintaining 390/400 volts, the motor will operate smoothly drawing 15 - 20% lesser current and correspondingly the relay setting can be reduced by 15 - 20%. In case single phasing occurs, the relay will trip in 40 - 50 seconds. The motors can withstand the high current for this period and will be safe. Also, the relays, contactors, switchgears, etc. incorporated with the motor will be safe.

The table below compares the behaviour of 5 H.P. motor at different voltages:
400 7.5 A 5.2 0.8
425 11% More 18% More 0.7
435 19% More 28% More 0.60
445 265 more 38% More 0.57
The table below compares the behaviour of 60 watt lamp at different voltages:
230 0.26 60 W 710 1000
240 0.27 65 W-8.3% More 820 575
250 0.28 70.6-17.6% More 943 338
260 0.29 75.4-25.6% More 1073 200
270 0.31 83.4-39% More 1213 100




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