Distribution Transformers

Some of the major aspects of Indian Power Transformers are highlighted below:


The transformers are manufactured in accordance with IS 2026/1977, IS 1180/1989 or as per customer's requirements.


5 KVA - 4000 KVA (6.6 KV , 11 KV , 22 KV, 33 KV)

Unless or otherwise specified, the transformers will be connected as per Vector Group reference DYn 11 in accordance with International practice.

The core used is best quality cold rolled grain oriented and laser processed silicon steel sheet. They provide low iron loss, low noise, compact size and have the best performance for high efficiency transformers.

We use high quality conductor of copper aluminium in our products. Round or rectangular copper/aluminium wires ribbed with thermally upgraded insulting paper are applied in oil immersed transformers. The winding have a compact size, excellent heat transmission, low load loss, high lighting impulse resistivity and outstanding anit-short-circuit strength.

Our oil-immersed transformers are insulated by electrical grade insulated press board and thermally upgrade insulating kraft paper.

Tappings +/- 5% in steps of 2.5% or as per customer's requirement.

Dehydrated EHV-Grade transformers oil as per IS 355 (1993) with latest amendments is used for proper insulation and cooling after testing for all the parameters viz a viz resistivity, tan delta, BDV, neutralization, flash point etc.

HV/LV Bushings: The quality procelain bushings are used on the high voltage terminals/low voltage terminals. Optional bushing wells, inserts and elbows are available upon request. High voltage cables are inserted directly and show no live parts outside.


All tanks are assembled by cold rolled/hot rolled steel plates through welding. They are equipped with radiators or corrugated steel sheets in accordance with the capacity of the transformers. Cooling system is properly designed to have proper self thermo siphon system which helps to minimize the temperature gradient between winding and oil. The interior surface of tank is cleaned by chemical and coated with oil resistant zinc chromate primer. Conservator, cable boxes, rollers, sealed/conventional type tank are provided as per the rating/requirements. All tanks are tested for pressure as well as vacuum.

Step-lab Cores and Stacking Cores have different clamp arrangements. We design a special pre-load structure, which not only can resist axial electromagnetic force but also perform well on resisting radial electromagnetic force. With reinforced clamps, the coils increase their anti-axial and radial strength, making the coils compact and attain the best anti-short-circuit strength. This guarantees that safety of the system when an abnormal breakdown occurs.


All the external surfaces are given a primary coat of red oxide and two finishing coats of grey paint. The inner surface is given a coat of oil resisting paint.

The accessories include an oil filling hole, oil drain valve, safety valve, standard thermometer, oil level gauge, skid wheel, jacking pad, breather, earthing terminal, no load type tap changer etc.

Buchholz relay, cooling fan, HV & LV cable box, cable duct, bus bar duct,dial-type thermometer, oil level gauge, on-load type tap changer, protective fuse and lightening arresters are available upon customer's request at extra cost.

Our transformers can be installed indoor or outdoor. Special designs or special installation can be arranged upon customer's request.


All the transformers are tested for all the routine tests as per  IS 2026 at our works with modern sophisticated, regularly calibrated meters through a centralized control panel. Dynamic short circuit and impulse voltage tests can be conducted at any Govt. agency if required and temperature rise test can be conducted at our works.

Our products are warranted for 3 years from the date of dispatch against any defect or faulty workmanship.

Salient Features

  • Robust Design
  • Minimum Losses as per IS
  • Longer life
  • 3 Years Warranty

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